Witchford Village

Witchford Walks - Walk 6

Witchford Walk 6

This walk is along ancient droves with good views from high ground towards Coveney and Little Downham. Approximate distance; 2½ miles.

The walk starts at Dunham's Lane by the bus shelter at the point where Main Street becomes Sutton Road. Walk along the tree lined track of Dunham’s Lane, crossing the by-pass and bearing left into Granny's End Road, then right into Old Fen Baulk Road.

Granny's End is a corrupted form of Gransdens End; lands called Gransdens were recorded in 1541 and presumably lay nearby. On the left at the highest point on Old Fen Baulk Road is the site of an early settlement within which was once a D shaped enclosure. This may form the remains of the woodland for 20 pigs recorded in the Domesday Book (If so, this contradicts the idea of an early settlement. There was, however, a house etc, in the post-¬medieval period).

Owing to modern agriculture, part of the enclosure has disappeared leaving only that part which is surrounded by trees and hedges. The most recent building on the site was a farmhouse together with a barn, stable and outbuildings, built in the early part of the 16th century. It was demolished around 1860. From Old Fen Baulk Road fine views can be seen of the surrounding villages.

Continue down the hill and turn right onto the Catchwater Drain drove. The slightly raised ground to the west of the drove, before the bend to Common Farm, is called Littley Hill. At Common Farm turn right, taking Marroway Lane back into Main Street.