Witchford Village

Witchford Walks - Walk 8

Witchford Walk 8

A walk along existing paths coupled with a permissive path to the North of Main Street. Approximately 1½ miles.

From the Village Inn walk west to where Main Street becomes Sutton Road. Turn right at the bus shelter into Dunham’s Lane; a pleasant lane within high hedgerows. On reaching the bypass turn right into a path running parallel with the road taking you into Granny’s End.

Emerging from Granny’s End into Marroway Lane turn left, then before reaching the bypass turn right onto the Permissive Path described as an alternative ending to Walk No. 3. The route is marked by a small disk with a black arrow on a white background. The permissive path follows around the edge of the field. The last part of this permissive path enters an enclosed area with a thicket on the left of hawthorn, brambles and fruit trees of an old orchard where children build their dens.

To the right is a row of ash trees bordering a ditch with a small common beyond. At the end of this path enter the common and turn left onto a tarmac path leading into Field End. Continue along Field End and take a right turn into Victoria Green. On reaching the Green go diagonally across to the furthest corner where a small footway leads into Briars End.

Where the road splits to the left and right go straight on along a passageway before exiting onto Common Road. The play park, known as Wood Park is opposite. Turn right to return to The Village Inn.