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Howlett Marketing Communications

Graphic Design

Our experience covers a tremendous range of activities, from helping create boardgames to launching new pub concepts.

We have set up exhibitions in Germany, promoted wines in the UK and Australia, designed the image for a teashop in Tokyo, sold insurances in Slovenia, advertised everything from 70 tonne excavators to new potatoes.

We love the challenge of a new brief, and we’re never put off by what you might think is “dull”. We find interest in all business, and it’s an important part of our job to enthuse you.

So in answer to your questions, “Have we ever done this before?” or “Can you do this?” – the answer is probably “yes”.

Call us up – ask us. We’re here to help you.

Lode Barn
5 Casburn Lane
Burwell, CB25 0ED

Phone: 07587 099986
Email: robin@hmc.eu.com

Website: http://www.hmc.eu.com

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