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Parish Council - Traffic Calming Plans

Posted on: Dec 7, 2012
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Witchford Online received the following from Witchford Parish Council this week, asking us to publish details on this website. Please direct any comments on the plans to the Parish Council:

The Parish Council has agreed a set of measures to improve road safety and cut speeding along Ely Road, Main Street, Sutton Road and Grunty Fen Road. This is in response to concerns voiced by residents in the Witchford Parish Plan and during the village-wide Witchford Vision consultation in July 2011.

The proposed features are:
  1. 40mph sign from the A142 roundabout towards the village
  2. rumble strips before the gates leading into the village
  3. move the 30mph sign to the gates, including an additional lampost if necessary
  4. chicane and traffic island on Ely Road leading into the village
  5. marked parking zone outside the terraced houses at the east end of the village
  6. road colouring with red cycle lane on Main Street at Grunty Fen junction
  7. extend footway for 45m along Grunty Fen on west side to Highway’s Department standards, taking into account householders’ views at entrances to houses
  8. continue 1m footway along Grunty Fen to Old Scenes Drove to road planings specification
  9. extend 30mph sign on Grunty Fen Road
  10. introduce 40mph limit on Grunty Fen Road on approach to village
  11. complete paving to entrance to Manor Court Road
  12. road coloured with red cycle lane on Main Street at junction with Common Road
  13. chicane and traffic island at entrance to village on Sutton Road; possibly white line central island with no light
  14. after road re-surfacing or top-dressing, to not replace white lines unless where legally necessary
  15. retain bus zone outside school and ‘School Ahead’ road markings

Funding for these features will come from a variety of sources. The Parish Council holds a small amount of capital reserve. Grant-aid will also be sought from the County Council. Work will be prioritised according to the funding available and road-safety needs, according to the information reasonably available to the Parish Council.

Approved 7th December 2011

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