Witchford Village

Residents invited to help shape future of Witchford

Posted on: May 12, 2016
Posted in: parish-council news

Witchford residents are invited along to meetings on Wednesday 18th May to help form working groups in partnership with the Parish Council to put together ideas for the future development of Witchford. Although the District Council Local Plan will be the over-arching planning document for any development in the village, the Parish Council is hoping to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which will influence how development takes shape. The Parish Council also invites residents interested in finding solutions to traffic problems in the village to join the new traffic management working group.

Anyone interested should come along to St Andrews Hall on Wednesday 18th May. The Neighbourhood Plan group meets at 7pm and the Traffic Management group at 8pm.

Also at 6.30pm on the same evening there will be a presentation from the Church Commissioners, one of the major landowners in Witchford

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