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Open Spaces Group Update - October 2018

Posted on: Oct 12, 2018
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Sandpit Drove Pond
During September volunteers waded into the pond (which thankfully was still at a low level) to clear by hand some of the vegetation that had encroached into the centre of the pond. As always, this meant a few wet feet and legs, but a good time was had by all. There is now plenty of open water that should remain throughout the 2019 growing season.

Sandpit Drove Wildflower Meadow
The meadow has continued to regrow after the July cut, and common knapweed, birds-foot trefoil, yarrow, bladder campion and agrimony are flowering at the end of September. Some areas of the meadow have lost some of the flowers that were part of the original sown mix in 2011. We hope to improve the diversity for next year by mowing and raking off these parts of the meadow, and then scarifying and sowing with a selection of wildflower seeds. This is planned for early October.

The parish council has approved the cleaning out of the ditch between the village college and the meadow, to improve the flow through the ditch to the pond. This should also take place in October.

The Community Orchard
At the end of September there is still fruit on the trees– apples, some pears and quinces – that is not quite ripe but should be ready soon. Don’t miss out, try some.

Broadway Hedge
The hedge between the Broadway Common land and the allotments was planted in early 2014 with a number of native species to provide variety as well as flowers and berries for wildlife. The hedge has been trimmed each year by OSG volunteers, and this year this operation took place in September, keeping the height to about 1.5 m. The hedge can’t be accessed by mechanical plant, so it’s possible that in a few years’ time the hedge will be laid (as the Millennium Wood and the Old Rec hedges) to keep it to a controllable size.

Witchford Open Spaces Group volunteers help to maintain and improve sites throughout Witchford to encourage wildlife and for the enjoyment of the local community. We welcome new volunteers, young to not-so-young, at any time. Why not come along?

For more information about the Open Spaces Group contact Richard Braund on 665222 (e-mail richardbraund50@hotmail.com).

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