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Open Spaces Group Update - Dec 2017

Posted on: Dec 13, 2017
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Fairchild Wood

The preparation work for the planting of trees to replace those that died as a result of ash die-back in Fairchild Wood took place at the end of November. Volunteers removed the old tree guards and cleared vegetation from the locations for the new trees. The planting (up to 200 trees) is scheduled for early December.

Conservation Programme in the New Year

The programme for volunteer activities in the New Year will encompass the Millennium Wood, the Old Recreation Ground, Bedwell Hey Lane hedge and Sandpit Drove Wildflower Meadow.

The Millennium Wood Activity Plan for the winter months is already confirmed, and in January volunteers will cut back undergrowth along the paths, trim the laid hedges, and clear encroaching blackthorn. More coppicing and thinning will be carried out; this has been undertaken for several years now, and has resulted in the establishment of self-sown hawthorn, field maple and dogwood plants. The best of these will be staked and protected with shrub guards.

In February work in the Old Recreation Ground will include trimming the hedges laid earlier this year on the west boundary, and cutting back and coppicing the willows overhanging the pond. Volunteers will also lay the 20 m of the west boundary hedge not yet laid.

Following the cutting by the parish council contractor of the hedge alongside the playing fields in Bedwell Hey Lane, in March volunteers will complete the trimming of those parts of the hedge that are inaccessible to the flail cutter.

In April, preparation work on the wildflower meadow in Sandpit Drove will be carried out, mowing the margins, removing more of the unwanted perennials, and sowing seed collected last year.

Witchford Open Spaces Group volunteers maintain and improve these and other sites to encourage wildlife and for the enjoyment of the local community. We welcome new volunteers, young to not-so-young, at any time. Why not come along?

For more information about the Open Spaces Group contact Richard Braund on 665222 (e-mail richardbraund50@hotmail.com).

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