Future Plans

Sport, in particular football, is a major part of community life in Witchford. The village has a huge number of football teams, both adult and junior, all of which are enthusiastically coached and have plenty of talented players. A look at the sports pages in the back of the Witchfordian confirms how well they are all doing, especially the colts teams.

Witchford Playing Field Association (WPFA) is proud to be able to support that success, by providing the facilities on Bedwell Hey Lane. But, over the last few years, as the number of teams based in the village has increased, these facilities have been stretched to capacity. Combining this with the age of the fittings and fixtures in the changing rooms, plus the increasingly high standards required by the Football Association, the WPFA has decided that the changing rooms need to be upgraded. Unfortunately there is insufficient room inside the hall to provide the facilities that are needed. Therefore we are considering the construction of a new building, to be located on the field to the right hand side of the car park, offering the following facilities and benefits:

So, as well as benefiting the football teams, this project is intended to provide facilities for other existing users, sports clubs and new activities. Also, by freeing up space inside the main hall, this enables the WPFA to look at improvements to that building as a future project.

Before going any further we now need to get feedback from the village. Outline plans have been drawn up and we held a public meeting in the village hall on 25th February 2012 to give people the chance to give us their feedback. If it goes ahead, this will be a big project with the potential to benefit a wide cross-section of the community. So we'll also be looking to the village to help and support the WPFA throughout the process.

A PDF copy of the proposed new changing room plans can be downloaded by clicking here.
If you wish to contact us, please use the form on the Contact page or send an email to villagehall<at>witchford.org.uk.