About the Witchford Playing Field Association (WPFA)

The WPFA is a registered charity, formed in 1962 with the acquisition of land from the Church Commissioners. A wooden pavilion was built and this served the sports clubs for many years. It was supplemented by a brick-build social club, which is a separate entity run by Witchford Sports & Social Club (WSSC). The existing village hall was built in 1990 on the site of the old pavilion. In 2009 an additional strip of land, adjoining the playing field, was leased from the Church Commissioners, to enable extension of the football pitches. This lease runs until 29 March 2019.

Village Hall Policies & Procedures

The WPFA works to a set of policies, procedures, rule and other documents.
Some of these are available for download by following the links below:

- WPFA Health & Safety Policy
- WPFA Fire Safety Policy
- WPFA Equality Policy
- WPFA Environmental Policy
- WPFA Storage Policy
- WPFA Health & Safety Risk Assessment Procedure
- WPFA Record of Health & Safety Risk Assessment
- WPFA Permit to Work
- WPFA Notice to Contractors
- WPFA Child Protection Policy