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We offer a wide variety of adult learning courses throughout the academic year. Courses usually start at the beginning of term and run for 10 weeks. Very often we will advertise a course that we feel would be attractive and correlate to specific times of the year, ie Christmas Floral Arrangements.

In addition to our evening courses we hold two Saturday day schools during the year. This gives people an opportunity to come along and spend the whole day enjoying their course, whether it be cooking Indian dishes or making a skirt. Students leave the day feeling that they have accomplished something!

We have a passion for community learning as it brings people with a common interest together. It can increase confidence and bring about a feeling of wellbeing. 

Our new prospectus is published in early summer and has a wide distribution area.

We also have a comprehensive website www.witchfordcollege.co.uk and advertise on Cambridgeshire.net

For further queries please contact dholland@witchfordvc.co.uk

Or call us on

01353 664468

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